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Structured Silver Killing Bacteria

Watch as silver kills different types of bacteria within seconds!  This is an incredible video that shows just how powerful structured silver really is.

What is Structured Silver?

Structured silver is the bonding of pure silver particles to a very pure form of structured water in a unique way that permanently connects the silver particles to the water allowing the structured silver molecules to travel through your body, and then be flushed out several hours later when you pee.

Structured Silver is meant to help you detoxify your body and have more energy by destroying the unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and fungi (like candida and yeast) that are inside you which helps boost the “good” microbes we all have living inside us.

These powerful mechanisms can help you feel better, have increased energy, reduce inflammation and many more benefits that come from a healthy ‘gut’ biome.

Structured Silver may have several other positive effects on your health. According to the official website, Structured Silver may help you:

– Reduce Bacteria!*
– Reduce Viruses and Yeast!*
– Reduce Inflammation!*
– Better Gut Health = Brain Health (they call the stomach our 2nd brain for a reason!*
– Tighter Clearer Skin!*
– Maintain Energy Levels All Day Long!*

*Individual results may vary from person to person*

How Does Structured Silver Work?

Structured Silver is specially designed to kill the bad bacteria inside of your gut.

Silver particles have a missing electron from their outer ring. When silver comes in contact with viruses, bacteria, or yeast, the silver tries to steal an electron from the pathogens. Pathogens have simple water-soluble cell walls made up of single electrons, which the silver steals an electron from. Once this happens it ruptures the cell, which kills the pathogen almost instantly.

Aside from that, Structured Silver has magnetic energy that holds the silver’s atoms together in a crystallized structure. The crystallized, magnetic structure creates tiny pules of healthy electromagnetic energy, which when coming in contact with germs or bacteria, fire the healthy pulses of energy into them, and prevent their DNA from replicating.

Why Is Salus Structured Silver Different?

Structured Silver is made by bonding pure silver particles to a very pure form of structured water in a particular way. This bonding process is highly important because it permanently connects the silver particles to the water, making sure the structured silver molecules can travel through your body and then be able to be flushed out several hours later when you pee.

This is important because:

Colloidal silvers and other similar products on the market may not be energetically bonded to water the same way Structured silver is, meaning most popular brands of liquid silver could have been building up in your system over the time you have been taking it, which something you do not want.

Is Salus Defense Structured
Silver Safe?

Yes, Salus Structured Silver has 15 parts per million silver, unlike other silver products that have 10 parts per million, meaning you get a more potent benefits each time you use it. Also, most other silver products are acidic, which a pH of less than 7.0, which can create a change in your metabolism, immunity, and circulation, but Salus Structure Silver is not. It is alkaline, with a pH balance of above 7.0, which creates an environment where infectious diseases, pathogens, poisons, and toxins cannot survive in.

Even more amazing, Salus Structured Silver is manufactured in clean-room conditions that utilize good manufacturing procedures, meaning your product is free of contaminates and has amazing quality with each bottle.

Structured Silver is not a heavy metal and doesn’t build up in your body, as confirmed by the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Since the silver is bonded to water and passes through your system without being metabolized, it won’t turn you blue which is something common when heavily using colloidal silver. It’s even environmentally safe, with a spill of 12 million gallons of silver being the closest to being a re-portable spill by the EPA.

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